Wine Travels – Chile

While traveling in Chile, we visited some wineries near Santa Cruz. Highly recommended!

Casa Silva

Looks like an old style vineyard. Lots of wood, big-barn interior. Old wood tanks have been preserved and lined with stainless steel. Metal straps from old barrels have been reused as chandeliers and other forms of metal decoration. Big open interior space with lots of dark wood and tile. Looks like something out of a Zorro flick. Known for Carmenere and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Super modern facility, heavily influenced by Asian theme and Feng Shui. Grapes are sorted on the roof and then processed through the interior of the facility using gravity (to avoid pumping the wine). Beautiful rooms overlook calm pools of water and acres of grapes climbing the hillside. Wine is aged in a large room with barrels arranged in tiers in a semi circle – and music –Gregorian Chants – is played to soothe the wines. Known for Montes Alpha Cab and Folly Sarah.

Viu Manent

We were treated to a horse drawn wagon ride through the vineyard. 15% “secret” content in some wines. Known for Malbec and “erotic” Merlot.

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