Venezia Giulia Bianco Degli Arzillari 2007 – Wine 2

I decided to try my second Panzano Italian wine with Winedog 1 at one of our typical Friday night Tiki dinners. The Bianco Degli Arzillari wine for $15 is imported by Adonna Imports LLC, Waltham, MA. We have started looking at the importers of the wines we taste to see if that will help us pick winner wines. (Winner wines to us are delicious and under $20 and even better if under or around $10.)

When I arrived at her home, Winedog 1 had already opened a Lugana Ca Lojera, 2009, from Sirmione, Italy for $17. It is imported by Vineyard Research, Lunenburg, MA. Since her bottle was already opened we decided to compare them side by side.

They were both delicious but the Degli Arzillari tasted a little bit lighter, younger though it’s not and had a little fizziness that wasn’t unpleasant but not impressive. The Lugana had a fuller body and more rounded, complex taste.  We preferred it and for only $2 more, would be more likely to buy it again.

Winedog 1 picked up the Lugana Ca Lojera at the delightful Harvard General Store in Harvard, MA. I have gone to a few tasting there and love the place and the owner. We’ll have to blog about it eventually.


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