Ribolla Gialla Volpe Pasini – Wine 3

Finished up my third Italian wine from Panzano’s in Southboro, MA. It is Ribolla Gialla Volpe Pasini, a white wine from Friuli for $19. Another Delle Venezie. Imported by Woodyn Wines, Worcester, MA.

It is made from the Ribolla native grape known for its natural acidity and fresh aroma. I am trying to taste more of the native and unusual grapes from Italy. Pinot Grigio is great, but one can only drink so much of it without yearning for some adventure.

My evaluation. Very nice, very light and dry. I could drink it often as I love dry whites. Those who like the big full reds would probably find it wimpy.  At $19 a bottle, I would not race over to buy more.


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