Introducing Panzano’s of Southboro MA

Panzano in Southboro, MA is a great place for wine, especially Italian wines. It also carries some great delicacies such as wild boar sausage. It is affiliated with Tomasso’s, an Italian restaurant located in the same plaza. Yummy, yummy over there.

Winedog2 has given herself a challenge. She wandered into Panzano’s and bought a case of Italian wine – 6 red and 6 white. They are all value wines – 2 are $10 and the rest are $17 or under.

The charming and very knowledgeable Fred Mullins, Wine Director, helped her pick out the wines. He was great because he asked her what types of wines she prefers and then tried to match her tastes with wines that are new to her. And he honored her commitment to value without making her feel cheap or ignorant. (Panzano does carry some very expensive wines so they may prefer the bigger spenders. But Fred never showed anything but enthusiasm and great service.)

Winedog2’s challenge for herself is to drink every one of these wines with joy, good food, good company, and then write about her experiences. It is a big challenge, but she will do her best.


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