Winedogs Start Over

Starting Over 1/7/2011

We are starting over with our wine-dog business. The first part was a lot of fun. But, we made no money and we had no business plan. Nothing has changed except that Winedog 1 has a new idea.

This is the idea: We run a wine tasting party at the Wine Merchant, which is next to Shaw’s, once a month. The wine owner, Kevin, is cool about this. His distributor, Dave, has agreed to this. We are supposed to make it educational (a little), have fun and sell wine. Winedog1 and I (Winedog 2) are there to help pour the wine and give tips about hosting wine parties and what food will go well with the wine. Kevin will provide some crackers, tables, tablecloths and glasses. The distributor provides the wine. We are the helpers.

Winedog 1’s idea is we turn our experiences into a blog and then a book. Winedog 1 is a serial successful entrepreneur, but this latest idea is once again lacks a business plan. Oh well, I’m game.

Winedog 2


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